that damn spider again

From: Ian Thomson (
Date: Fri 29 May 1998 - 18:06:14 EEST

I think I went a bit mad
and I have invented a whole new branch of sorcery spun off from an
idea on Nick Effingham's page on Stygian Heretics and from the
truckloads of information on Arachne Solara I've dug up
anway its there at:

in three sections

Its still fluid, in that I may make major changes in response to
constructive criticism

and its also been fuelled somewhat by the discussion on Meldeks
Yup, its sorcery that links in to the Orlanthi pantheon

The Arachne Solara and Deezola cults are progressing with input from
a few very helpful souls (thanks guys)

This seems my best bet for anything remotely Official Glorantha Lore
compatible in terms of Arachne Solara worship

I'm still gonna write my cult though, but I might alter it so that
there is also an attempted official version that can only be joined
by heroes through (you guessed it) HeroQuesting


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