Re: The Glorantha Digest V5 #635

Date: Sun 31 May 1998 - 21:33:03 EEST

I think Tolat is the same deity as Shargash, known to the Praxians as Bronze
Treasure. The Genertela Book says he is a god of Love and War, and also a
deity of the Heavens whose cult somewhat resembles a combination of Humakt and
Uleria. The annual High Holy day is the City of Uxoral Ecstasy sounds like a
MegaFertility rite, where all the women get pregnant, with Tolat as the
father. (just wait till the Child Support Agency catches him). These primitive
hunters use rapiers and main gauche as cultural weapons and crossbows. Perhaps
they are not so primitive.

Tolat is a blood red planet which spends two weeks in the underworld, then two
weeks in the heavens travelling the Southpath.

Shargash enjoys human sacrifice so I presume that as Tolat he would also enjoy

I would say that Berserk, Truesword, and Sever Spirit would be the primary
RuneMagic with some sort of combination Erotocomatose-
Lucidity/Reproduce/Community ritual at the High Holy Day. This would recreate
the Dawn when Tolat "strode forth upon the Heavens... ,and all of life
followed him." (from Myth of the Month: Shargash)

Other holy days could be :when Shargash was released at Yelm's murder, when
Shargash met Death, when Shargash fought Dromakus.


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