Hills of Gold

From: Peter Metcalfe (metcalph@voyager.co.nz)
Date: Thu 04 Jun 1998 - 08:46:09 EEST

David Cake:

>The Antirius cult, though, has a very different attitude [towards the Hill
>of Gold] - the Antirius cult did lose the first few times, but they did
>want to win, and eventually, they did

There's really no such thing as an Antirius Cult HQ with respect to
the Hills of Gold. There was an Orb of the Eye there. The Dara
Happans knew that many years ago their god had been killed when
attempting to take the Orb. The Dara Happans preserved legends of
their god's defeat for many years but it wasn't a ritual they recreated.

After the Dawn, a Prince of the Ten Tests attempted the HoG quest (and
seems to have been the only person to have done so sinec Antirius was
killed) and succeeded. Since that time, no Antirius cultist has ever
taken the quest, simply because there is no need. It's like questing
for the Golden Fleece after Jason has been and gone.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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