Re: Hero Wars: the Criticism

Date: Thu 04 Jun 1998 - 20:45:25 EEST

<< Simon Hibbs:
 I think that widespread dissemination of information about the game, such as
on this digest, would be counterproductive. I think it should only be
disclosed in actual playtests or in the context of the game's ongoing
Peter Metcalfe:
<<Bolloxs. There has already been discussion of the game FYI and to imagine
that the game is so fragile we must avoid all discussion of it lest We
Utterly Ruin It by Malicious and Spiteful Criticism is rather hypersensitive
 BTW did you tell people at the German Con to avoid discussing it for similar
reasons? If not, why not?>>

    I have to completely agree with Peter on this one - and I speak as
somebody who doesn't really care, since I'll get to find out what I want to
know at Convulsion next month anyway. If the game can only be discussed in the
context of playtesting, then one wonders why Robin bothered holding a seminar
on it at GloranthaCon (in addition to the playtest sessions) or whether people
in the playtests were barred from discussing it with anyone else at the Con.
    Good grief, I think most of us here are adult enough to realise that the
game is unfinished and that they can deal with it responsibly and in a
constructive fashion. If people unable to attend the playtests (and there must
be many Gloranthaphiles who can't) are banned from making any contribution to
the development of the game, why bother having playtests at all?
     As I say, it doesn't really bother me, but since it seems to bother some
other people (presumably mostly those who can't attend Convulsion) I don't see
why it shouldn't be discussed. Are you (all those who've made such comments,
not Simon specifically) seriously claiming that nobody can discuss these

things intelligently outside of a playtest session and that the game will
somehow be sabotaged if they do? The only argument I've seen is that people
might object to the game because it does or does not include specific features
they like/dislike. Well, if that's true isn't this just the sort of thing
Issaries should know? Restricting the number of people permitted to register
their views hardly seems likely to encourage this!
     Unless Issaries specifically orders me not to, I for one, will be quite
happy to e-mail some outline details of the new game to anyone who is
interested. Together with a note explaining that the details are not finalised
and may be subject to change. I just can't see your problem...

Forward the glorious Red Army!


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