heroquests, Antirian style & Enclosure II

From: Pam Carlson (carlsonp@wolfenet.com)
Date: Thu 04 Jun 1998 - 22:49:22 EEST

Peter writes:
> After the Dawn, a Prince of the Ten Tests attempted the HoG quest (and
> seems to have been the only person to have done so sinec Antirius was
> killed) and succeeded.

True enough, and one of the things that made the Ten Princes an awesome
bunch. (Does anyone else think that a campaign set in Khordavu's Dara
Happa would be a hoot?

> Since that time, no Antirius cultist has ever
> taken the quest, simply because there is no need. It's like questing
> for the Golden Fleece after Jason has been and gone.

How do we know this? Isn't that like saying that no one does the
Lightbringer's Quest because the sun is still in the sky? Or that there's

no point in questing to Alaramsur's Hall because Rastalulf already got the
Vanak Spear?

(Rastalulf story reference - shameless plug for Enclosure II - available
from your nearest Reaching Moon Megacorp supplier! It's got a cool section
on Aggari tribesfolk, and further inspirational bits about those loveable
Alkothi. Order yours today!)

Although the Dara Happans were not known to be big, innovative heroquesters
in the Orlanthi sense, you can bet that every year in Raibanth there are
large rituals and ceremonies that commemorate the Recovery of the Orb.
LIke the Orlanthi, those DH's who consider themselves decended of the hero
who did this feat would remember it well and be able to weave part of his
magic. More modern Lunar heroquesters certainly have this quest in their
primer "101Stunningly Successful Visits to the Other Side".

There's a great story to be found in that Antirian heroquest...



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