Meldeks Unmurdered

From: Julian Lord (
Date: Fri 05 Jun 1998 - 04:44:14 EEST

David Dunham :

> Pagan is what Malkioni call deists. Meldek is what Orlanthi call Malkioni.
> Hope this clarifies.

Sorry, David, but it doesn't. Meldek is what Orlanthi call "sorcerors",
according to SiP. The Sartarites do NOT understand the distinction
between Wizard and Sorceror, and they call ALL sorcerors, malkioni or
no, Meldek. Yet it remains a handy term for the description of oddball
orlanthi sorcery-users (shades of TOG ... ), even though it may be a
slightly improper one. No more than "sorceror" itself, though ...

Pagan is, more properly, what Malkioni call any non-malkioni tradition,
including, presumably, some best described as sorcerous. (The hag down
the lane, again, for example ... ) Provided it hails back to pre-Dawn
(or pre-Crusade) myth and magic. Pagan is typically folk tradition, not
necessarily deist.


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