Antirius & the HoG.

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Date: Sun 07 Jun 1998 - 04:42:44 EEST

Pam Carlson:

Me>> Since that time, no Antirius cultist has ever taken the quest, simply
>> because there is no need. It's like questing for the Golden Fleece
>>after Jason has been and gone.

>How do we know this? Isn't that like saying that no one does the
>Lightbringer's Quest because the sun is still in the sky?

The raison d'etre of the quest in Dara Happan eyes was to get the
Orb. They never made the conceptual leap that Harmast did to get
use the quest for something else.

>Or that there's no point in questing to Alaramsur's Hall because
>Rastalulf already got the Vanak Spear?

Alaramsur came back for the Vanak spear after Rastaluf was killed
and probably did the same for Eringulf when the latter died at the
battle of Night and Day.

>Although the Dara Happans were not known to be big, innovative heroquesters
>in the Orlanthi sense,

The Dara Happans are not innovative heroquesters at all, especially after
the fall of the Khordavu dynasty. Secondly the quest is associated with
Antirius whose cult has diminished ever since Ordanestyu became emperor.

>you can bet that every year in Raibanth there are
>large rituals and ceremonies that commemorate the Recovery of the Orb.

And where is the Orb now? Hence celebrating it's 'Recovery' is a bit
like the Byzantines celebrating the conquest of Britian. Likewise the

cult of the Ten Princes while prominent in the Khordavu era will have
been displaced in favour of the companions of the current dynastic
founder whether it be Ordanestyu or Magnificus.

>More modern Lunar heroquesters certainly have this quest in their
>primer "101Stunningly Successful Visits to the Other Side".

The trouble with this is that there is a great big gap between the
Lunar heroquesters and the Ten Princes. The lunars can only learn
what the ten princes did through historical methods as there is not
a continous line of tradition between the Ten Princes and the Lunars
(because of the interruptions caused by the Theyalans, the Spolites,
the EWF and the Carmanians).

- --Peter Metcalfe


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