HoG and Dwarf Plans

From: Peter Metcalfe (metcalph@voyager.co.nz)
Date: Tue 09 Jun 1998 - 14:05:56 EEST

Pam Carlson:

[On why the Dara Happans would not keep alive the tradition of the
HoG quest]

Me>> Secondly the quest is associated with Antirius whose cult has
>> diminished ever since Ordanestyu became emperor.

>True enough, but where is your sense of MGF? Surely the Atirius cult got
>subsumed into the cult of Yelm, and many of its traditions survived a bit

Two issues here. As a result of the Ordanestyan reforms, most worshippers
of Antirius were subsumed into the cult of Yelm and would follow Yelm's
myths rather than Antirius's. The few that remained part of the cult are
now guardians of the Emperor. Now making ritual pilgrimages to the Hill
of Gold with the known result of getting squished is incompatible with
the cult's duties - the Prince who succeeded in the quest did not invoke
Antirius's aid beforehand. So either way, the knowledge of the HoG quest
is not going to survive much in Dara Happa.

>After all , there were was Avivath, (running around a long time after
>Khordavu's reign), a Antirian beggar who smote evil emperors with
>righteous skyspears.

The last time Avaivath's mentioned in the records is shortly before
Khordavu's enthronement. From then on, he disappears.

>And isn't an orb of some sort still part of the imperieal regalia? It
>might not be the *same* orb, but *somebody* had to get it from

Not according to the Fortunate Succession which only has seven items
of regalia at TakenEgi's enthronement; namely the High Crown, the
Imperial Eagle, the Staff of Heaven, the Cloak of Justice, the Girdle
of Strength, the Sandals of Innocence and the Clasp of Manimat.

>>Likewise the cult of the Ten Princes while prominent in the Khordavu era
>>will have been displaced in favour of the companions of the current dynastic
>>founder whether it be Ordanestyu or Magnificus.

>I like to think that the princes' feats were cool enough to be remembered
>for a long time. Do all heros have to have cults to be remembered and

They do need cults for their epics to be recreated annually. If the
epics don't get recreated, then they degenerate into mere fairytales.
>> The trouble with this is that there is a great big gap between the
>> Lunar heroquesters and the Ten Princes. The lunars can only learn
>> what the ten princes did through historical methods [...].

>True again, but perhaps a little T&J could come in handy there.

First there has to be a demonstable want to recreate the epic of
the Ten Princes. Considering that Moonson is a Righteous Emperor,
to attempt the epic verges on High Treason...

David Dunham:

>No need, it already exists. After GC7, Greg mentioned they're planning a
>huge engineering project in Jrustela to move it from its current location
>to the whirlpool.

It'll be the second time they have tried it. The first time was
only partially successful in Harmast's time; cf the strange fragment
in KoS.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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