Re: The Glorantha Digest V5 #629

From: David Cake (
Date: Thu 11 Jun 1998 - 20:30:04 EEST

I found replies to a couple of old questions about heroquesting sitting in
my out tray

> There isn't time travel in Glorantha, so from a strictly objective POV,
>I'd say that you are right.

        Time Travel is Glorantha is a difficult question. You can't change
the past, but you can visit it. As to the accuracy of the information
gained by visiting it, I don't know - but it does seem like you can
discover information that is true by visiting the past in heroquest/T&J.
Valare Addi appeared to discover real facts about the past by visiting it -
facts that we, with access to information that no Gloranthan knows, can
confirm as true.

> Personally, I don't find this a problem. When it comes to mythology, I'm
>not all that bothered about what 'really happened', so long as I understand
>what culture X *think* happened.

        Sometimes it does matter. The Yelmics had forgotten about the
Pelandan womens culture that preceded them, but that doesn't mean that what
the Pelandan myths reveal about Yelmic myth isn't true. Which could result
in nasty surprises on the heroplane.




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