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Peter argues with Pam
>Pam Carlson:
>Me>> Since that time, no Antirius cultist has ever taken the quest, simply
>>> because there is no need. It's like questing for the Golden Fleece
>>>after Jason has been and gone.
>>How do we know this? Isn't that like saying that no one does the
>>Lightbringer's Quest because the sun is still in the sky?
>The raison d'etre of the quest in Dara Happan eyes was to get the
>Orb. They never made the conceptual leap that Harmast did to get
>use the quest for something else.

        At this point, the next step is something like 'Sez who?' to which
Peter can reply 'Sez me', at which point everyone knows where they stand.
Or Peter can quite some obscure source to prove his point, probably
ultimately without success as using sources to prove that something doesn't
happen is very difficult unless at some point it is unambiguously stated.
        Personally, I think that over the centuries Dara Happan thought has
taken enough strange turns that its very likely that at some point the Dara
Happans did make that conceptual leap, though it possibly didn't make it
into the mainstream. Talking about 'the Dara Happans' as we are here, when
they have 1600 years of religious revisionism, is a dangerous

>The trouble with this is that there is a great big gap between the
>Lunar heroquesters and the Ten Princes. The lunars can only learn
>what the ten princes did through historical methods as there is not
>a continous line of tradition between the Ten Princes and the Lunars
>(because of the interruptions caused by the Theyalans, the Spolites,
>the EWF and the Carmanians).

        We could say much the same thing about all the information
contained in the Entekosiad.

On another issue, Peter said
>Dendara/Entekos's cult is very complex and depends on what cult you
>are simulating (Pelandan? Dara Happan Dendara? Entekos?).

He did specify Dendara the Entekos, thus the Pelandan one. I guess once you
have written it up you can give half the Runespells to Dara Happan Dendara,
and half to the Dara Happan Entekos, except for possibly a few they don't
get at all.

        The Dendara writeup in GOG can probably be used more or less as is
for Oria. Well, with some regional variation for some areas.

>The Empire acknowleges that Yelmalio is the Son of Yelm. Some
>conservative diehards disagree.

        Well, officially he might be a barbarian form of Antirius, and thus
more properly a part of Yelm? Still, you can issue proclamations for
consumption of barbarians without necessary having to have all the theology
quite correct. After all, barbarians can't be expected to understand the
true nature of the great gods.




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