Gregging and HoG

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Thu 11 Jun 1998 - 13:36:44 EEST

Alex Ferguson:

>Well, apart from the inherent painfulness of said agreement, in
>this case the other answers were argued from in-print sources, and
>my initial reaction was that Peter's answer was correct. I feel like
>an Accessory to Gregging...

Why would you feel bad about gregging me or being an accessory to
a gregging on me? Surely the bigger they are, the more satisfying
the 'thump' when they fall?

David Cake:

>>The raison d'etre of the quest in Dara Happan eyes was to get the
>>Orb. They never made the conceptual leap that Harmast did to get
>>use the quest for something else.

> At this point, the next step is something like 'Sez who?' to which
>Peter can reply 'Sez me', at which point everyone knows where they stand.
>Or Peter can quite some obscure source to prove his point, probably
>ultimately without success as using sources to prove that something doesn't

>happen is very difficult unless at some point it is unambiguously stated.

Instead of describing what a big sadistic bully I am, you could have
cottoned onto the words 'Harmast' and 'conceptual leap' and realized
that I was talking about experimental heroquesting. It is stated in
any number of sources that the Dara Happans did not experimentally
heroquest after the first age.

This does leave the issue of the quest in the years between Khordavu's
Enthronement and Nysalor's Death. But in the absence of questing
after Nysalor's death and the return of the Goddess, and the general
downsizing of the Antirian cult after Nysalor's death, the issue is
largely academic IMO. Should new evidence or brilliant theories come
to light, I will quite happily revise this opinion.

> Personally, I think that over the centuries Dara Happan thought has
>taken enough strange turns that its very likely that at some point the Dara
>Happans did make that conceptual leap, though it possibly didn't make it

>into the mainstream. Talking about 'the Dara Happans' as we are here, when
>they have 1600 years of religious revisionism, is a dangerous

FWIW we know the strange turns made by the Dara Happans. The closest
to experimental heroquesting that the Dara Happans got is Karvanyar's
'Every Man a Sun' which appears to be mystical and quite difficult.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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