Re: Lunar Questions

From: Alex Ferguson (
Date: Sat 20 Jun 1998 - 06:59:35 EEST

Richard Develyn:
> 3a) Will the White Moon be white 'cos it reflects the light of Yelm, and
> is it more Yelm friendly as a consequence.

Interesting question. Mythicly, there could be some legs to this, but
they seem potentially slender. Maybe there's an Entekos/Zaytenera
connection of some sort. (The Entekosiad provides both hints toward
this, and objections to it.)

Politically, the White Moonies and the "Yelmic Yahoos" are almost
diametrically opposed -- which doesn't mean that some sort of Unholy
Alliance between them isn't possible. Conspiracy theorists might
enjoy the notion that Solar Refuseniks are covertly supporting the
'Moonies, basically to provide them with an excuse to replace the
current Emperor with an Unsullied Son of Yelm, once the mob have
rent the russet incumbent.



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