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Date: Tue 21 Jul 1998 - 10:40:08 EEST

Zippy asks:

> I have a question who replaces Sorel the short in Pavis

I answered this on the Glorantha Digest v05.n398, 4 Feb 98; and v05.n496, 24
Mar 98. Repeated below -- sorry about wasted bandwidth. Some other folk may
have chipped in, too, if you want to rummage around the archives. IIRC,
Stevie opined that whoever Sor-Eel's successor is, he or she must be bald.

> Does Sor-Eel eventually get sent home in disgrace and replaced? Or is it
> buisness as usual from the lunar empire?

It doesn't take that long to lose him, apparently. The Pavis Episodes book
mentions that "once the Cradle scenario is completed, no new adventurer
licenses wil be issued until the new Governor of Prax arrives." I think a
combination of his obvious inability to stop a baby's cradle floating out
to see, coupled with the anti-corruption investigations carried out by the
Coders (cf. Strangers in Prax), *and*, of course, any blackening of the
family name caused by the incompetence of Jaxarte Whyded, Sor-Eel's far-
from-competent nephew (especially that resulting from his recent trip to
Glamour: cf. "Jaxarte and the Emperor", in the new edition of the "Rough
Guide to Glamour") -- add it all up, and it's hard to see how he could hang

We don't have any "official" version of who the replacement Governor of
Prax will be. My money's on Duke Raus: competent, self-effacing, loyal...
a great first step back into Imperial favour, that *still* keeps him out
on the border where he can't do any (political) damage.

> Has anybody played long enough in Prax and Pavis to make a
> decision on who replaces Sor-Eel the Short?

My guess would be Duke Raus -- local experience, PC connections, and an
old frontier hand by the early 1620's. It's a good (limited) first step
back into Moonson's good books, too, which means it'd rile his enemies
in the Heartland, which means you can export Dart Competition politics
and professional assassins and other such trappings to dusty Pavis City.
All good clean fun.

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