Priscilla, Queen of the Jungle

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Date: Tue 25 Aug 1998 - 13:54:15 EEST

G'day all,
Priscilla, Queen of the Jungle

Daniel McCluskey theorises (v6 #87):

>I am convinced that the Jungle Trolls of Palmaltela have already hit on
>this, and in fact that Moorgarki serves as a sort of Nandan for trolls.
>Note the mythical justification -- Moorgarki goes to Pamaltela, and kills
>this and eats that, and is basically very Trollish. He is "Wounded by
>LODRIL's SPEAR" after which he spawns the Jungle trolls. Now any farmer in
>Peloria would be more than happy to let you know what Lodrils spear

Much as I reckon this new "politically correct" Nandan stuff brings little
more than retconned naffness to Sartar, Dan's proposition that Jungle Trolls
are all male is way cool and brims with MGF potential. Moreover, it
resonates with the existing mythology, so long as we take James Frusetta's
advice that the authors of Troll Gods must have been taken in by the common
trollish assumption of calling he gods she.

>I believe that the Jungle trolls are ALL male, and that they
>are able to reproduce amongst themselves...
>...As gaunt and hungry as they are I doubt that any outsider would be
>able to get to know enough about them to realize that there are no females,
>and they probably still refer to their leaders and elders by female titles,
>giving a further illusion of normalcy.

Maybe their "priestesses" are required to drag up for the occasion?
Outsiders would probably find it hard to tell the difference!


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