Sor Eel's replacement

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Date: Tue 25 Aug 1998 - 13:42:20 EEST

G'day all,
Sor Eel's replacement

Someone asked:
> Has anybody played long enough in Prax and Pavis to make a
> decision on who replaces Sor-Eel the Short?

And Nick suggested:

>>My guess would be Duke Raus -- local experience, PC connections, and an
>>old frontier hand by the early 1620's. It's a good (limited) first step
>>back into Moonson's good books, too, which means it'd rile his enemies
>>in the Heartland, which means you can export Dart Competition politics
>>and professional assassins and other such trappings to dusty Pavis City.
>>All good clean fun.

I agree - to a point. Raus is the ideal candidate for the job. Perhaps he
assumes the role of acting governor following Sor Eel's disgrace. But Pavis
and Prax are lost to the Lunars not long after, so I suggest that the very
Dart Competition politics that Nick enthuses about results in Raus's
replacement with some idiot fresh from the Heartlands who proceeds to
antagonise the delicate political situation that Raus was fostering and
ultimately leads to disaster for the Empire. If he's still around, Gim Gim
the Grim probably helps scupper Raus's chances of getting the permanent
appointment, even though he is obviously the best man for the job. Not sure
what happens to Raus if he escapes the assassin's knife - perhaps he
heroicially defends a besieged Ronegarth from the rabid hordes of Argrath
Whitebull, only to die (Chinese Gordon-style) days before the relieving
force arrives. Hmmm, there's a few scenario ideas in this...



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