Newtlings, and another short tale.

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Date: Sun 07 Feb 1999 - 08:28:17 EET

The Elder Secrets book on Races says: "Most
newtlings originate in the New Fens of Maniria, in
southern Genertela. Most rivers or swamps can
support newtlings." I could see newtlings who
call the Trachodon Marshes home as well, with
colonies of bachlors in the Felster Lake watershed
in Ralios, especially in the Sodal Marshes. It's
a mighty long way to the Elf Sea however, even if
the newtling can swim much of the way. Safer than
treking across Prax though. Speaking of Prax...

Somewhere near Harpoon:

 There was a loud murmur of voices outside the
mess tent. Clematis went out to see what was
happening. When he came back he was holding a
fine scale cuirass in his hands. Wrapped in the
armor was a huge, glistening brown tail, with
yellow spots.
 Clematis said dryly, "The Masked One has heard
about his spy."
 Tessios said just as dryly, "And now we know
about Lucan Brasseye."
 Sonny narrowed his eyes and took a sip of his
wine. Mello, bewildered in the shadows from where
he had been watching, said, "What that mean, that
tail?" It was Hector the Wise, the Temple
Librarian, who answered him. "The tail means that
Lucan Brasseye is sleeping on the bottom of the
Zola Fel." he said, "It's an old Black Fang

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