From: Peter Metcalfe (metcalph@voyager.co.nz)
Date: Sun 02 May 1999 - 03:07:35 EEST

Alex Ferguson:

Me>> Greg has indicated that to
>> venerate a God directly yields nothing. Henotheists are forced to
>> anthromorphise their gods somewhat which screws up both their divine
>> and malkioni magic somewhat (which is why Safelster is a backwater).

>Do Henotheists simply euhemerise their gods, and use 'pure Veneration'
>on them, or do they (at least in part) use more theistic practices
>in worshipping 'em? (My guess would be YHMV.)

I suppose the precise method varies from place to place as there's
no synergistical point where the two methods reinforce each other
(unlike the Orlanthi or Martial Artists). Using more theistical
practices would lead to the loss of Solace while 'veneration'
would lead to weaker saint/god magic.

David Dunham:

Me>> The Veneration of Saints is based upon the worship of Ancestors,
>> _not_ Gods (Animism, not Theism).

>This won't shed much light, but I think Greg and I confused each other
>discussing this very topic today. He first made Animism comments, then said
>something about saint worship and Lhankor Mhy. Well I, at least, found no
>clarity in this.

To put things into context, if Malkionism was compatible with Theism,
then the Malkioni would still be worshipping Ehilm and Worlath as
they did at the Dawn.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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