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Date: Sun 02 May 1999 - 06:52:46 EEST

Alex asked

> > Greg has indicated that to
> > venerate a God directly yields nothing. Henotheists are forced to
> > anthromorphise their gods somewhat which screws up both their divine
> > and malkioni magic somewhat (which is why Safelster is a backwater).

> Do Henotheists simply euhemerise their gods, and use 'pure Veneration'
> on them, or do they (at least in part) use more theistic practices
> in worshipping 'em? (My guess would be YHMV.)

It's my understanding that henotheists make sacrifices to deities, because
that's the one of the approaches that works with deities. (Another being
the domination used by many God Learners, but that's out of fashion these
days.) Veneration, which works with the Invisible God, has no effect with
pagan gods (although it does with saints).

The magical weakness of henotheists is that they have to learn and practice
two incompatible styles of worship. (Of course, they are compensated by the
flexibility of access both to pagan gods and the Invisible God.)

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