Rune Levels

From: Dom Twist (
Date: Sun 02 May 1999 - 12:55:48 EEST

On the Rune Levels as starting characters I am going to draw a blind. Some
people think its a good idea others not. 'Kay thats why we run our own

But it does bring up another question. How common ARE Rune Level Characters
in various peoples campaigns? IMG Rune Levels are pretty damn rare. My Pc's
have met one (a Death Lord of Humankt who scared the Living Drek out of them
even though he was helping them at the time. Priests are also rare but
generally only being a few of each major religion in each tribal region.
(The Campaign is Sartar based so far).

My guess is Rune Levels are pretty common in a lot of peoples
blance out the higher powered PC's.


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