Ian's Auction Update 5/May/99

From: arkat@telstra.easymail.com.au
Date: Wed 05 May 1999 - 04:20:34 EEST

Hello again

Aha, thanks to PJ for making this come a bit more alive :)

Please Bid in UK#
First amount is suggested min. bid
(Any sensible offers will now be considered)
2nd ammount (with initials) is current best bid

When considering postage, all items except DT, SH, RoC and AL are in the
UK, (these 4 in Oz)

Gods of Glorantha #10 (PJ #10)
Griffin Island #10 (PJ #7)
Genertela: CotHW #15 (BW #30 GONE)
Sun County #7 (PJ #5)
Apple Lane (old yellow cover version) #4 (PJ #2)
Haunted Ruins #5 (PJ #3)
River of Cradles #7 (PJ #7)
Duck Tower #9 (AN #12) Going x2
Daughters of Darkness #1 (#1 MM GONE)
Troll Gods - WITHDRAWN (I've decided to keep it)
Scorpion Hall (AN #10) Going x2

Rules of the Road
1) I reserve the right to withdraw items if bids are seriously
2) If you'd like bid annonymity, please ask
3) I'll post updates twice a week
4) No items are in crappy condition, all are good if a little worn.
If you don't want signs of useage don't bid high
5) Postage to be paid by the buyer negotiated when final bid accepted
6) Auction hopefully to be over by the end of May
7) Any questions, here I am :)

Ian Thomson


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