Mastery &Spirits

Date: Wed 05 May 1999 - 23:47:51 EEST

Nick Brooke (without Inside Knowledge):

<< HW Mastery *is* far more than a starting character possesses in any
 But it is not unattainably far from a new character's sights. Rather like
 90% skill in RuneQuest. >>

I also (without Inside Knowledge) had assumed that a Level of Mastery was an
equivalent of 90%, similarly something like [very stong] would be STR 18.

Julian Lord wants to hybridise HW/RQ spirit combat. Now this is an area which
may prove difficult to dramatically describe in storytelling mode. At least I
think I need some inspiration. I guess there are a few scenes in Biturian
Varosh, but if anyone has any ideas on this I, for one, would appreciate
them. RQ spirit combat is/was a dreadful number crunch process anyway (IMO)
which lacked the detail of RQ physical combat, had relatively few tactics,
and could take ages. I hope it can be improved upon.

Keith N


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