Populations/Rune Levels

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Date: Wed 05 May 1999 - 23:48:11 EEST

Nick gives us some useful and interesting figs.

<< Gloranthan Human Populations Age-Distribution Table>>
The original question, I think, was related to rune level population
statistics. What I am wondering about is how becoming RuneMaster affects
individual chances of survival and therefore how common it is for a priest to
be quite young; the percentage of over sixties that are priests, how
difficult it is to become a Sword of Humakt in a reasonably short lifetime
(in RQ anyway, especially using 'previous experience' as a yardstick for
skill improvement). I guess there must be extreme variability both within
cultures (eg Dara Happan vs Praxian) and within cults (Humakt vs Lankhor
Mhy). I would not, for example, expect to see many old Swords, nor many young

I also wonder how many people might reach rune mastery level and yet not be
accepted by the 'examiners' , and how many RuneMasters retire, which seems to
happen occasionally in publishd supplements.

BTW, I am not expecting an answer to these vague ideas, but simply
speculating to put a figure on how many people might expect to become a Rune
Master at some point in their life, and what sort of age 'normal' rune
masters might be.

Keith N


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