History and change

From: Kmnellist@aol.com
Date: Thu 06 May 1999 - 22:02:55 EEST

<< This may also explain why
 Glorantha's history is so impervious to change - each time something new
 appears, someone wants to change something, the world responds by restoring
 the previous order, God Learner and Lunar Empire included, Dawn excepted.
 And the perfect world is represented, AFAIK, in all cultures as the pre-Dawn
 world. Am I wrong? >>

In this case I think you are wrong. Glorantha has changed considerably, is
still changing; Stars move, Moons appear, Magic changes, things don't work
how they used to. I would say Glorantha changes. Resistance to change is
natural. It is to be expected everywhere.

Keith N


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