Dwarven Work to Rule

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Date: Fri 07 May 1999 - 19:30:07 EEST

Richard Crawley
  Therefore there will have been specific sailor dwarves before The Closing=2E

 So what duties would these have been allocated to when The Closing
 meant their function had been overtaken by events some 600 years ago?
 I thought it might be MGF if a few of them were still around today but there
 had to be a new batch of sailor dwarves created since The Closing

I quite like these ideas. The 'redundant' sailor dwarves would presumably
have been sat around doing nothing for this time (there is a dwarf in Elder
Secrets like this). Perhaps they spent their Work Periods polishing the
submarine, keeping all the parts in good working order.

My take on dwarves is that they can be played a bit like workers in a modern
day (or perhaps a couple of decades ago) environment - but taken to extremes
- - trade unions (Octamonists), Free Market managers (openhandists), senior
management (diamonds), IT dept (gold) etc. So, with these redundant sailors,
octamonists think they should only do their specified tasks (work to rule),
openhandists think that they should find something useful to do, perhaps hire
themselves out to humans and other animals, some diamonds want to recycle
them, the gold dwarves have lost their employment records etc etc. The 'new
batch' could be subject to Luddite behaviour, picketing, etc. Some old
sailors are willing to retrain, others are not. etc etc.
I like the Khmer Rouge idea but think that it is a bit bloodthirsty for

Keith N


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