Child Heroes

From: Jon Thorvaldson (
Date: Sat 08 May 1999 - 09:52:20 EEST

Nikk replies to Peter:

>> He could have killed or driven off the Telmori and the little
>> ones would have been safe.
>I think you're really pishing the boat out on that one - imagine a
>nine year old child - Hero or no Hero - facing insurmountable odds.

>Perhaps Garundyer MAY have defeated the Telmori or died trying, but
>then I wrote it in to kill off his father and leave Garundyer alive,
>as well as creating a real hatred for the Telmori. His history and
>background would have gone differently if this hadn't happened.

Here I have to support Peter. I think it would be appropriate for Garundyer
to stay and fight, and kill and drive off, the Telmori as a prtent of his
coming herodom. In glorantha the mythical heroes are real, and they do not
neccesarily all become heroes only after long toil and heroquesting. The
hero is destined to be a hero, he performs heroic deeds both through
training and questing and through his innate talents. Defeating a few
paltry telmori raiders is not too much to expect from a hero, even though
he is only nine years old! CuChulainn was about seven years old when he
killed the hound of Culainn the smith who alone guarded all the flock and
lands of the smith, and who held all in fear.



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