I'm all right Dwalin

From: richc@sypte.co.uk
Date: Mon 10 May 1999 - 16:17:40 EEST

Despite Peter Metcalfe saying:

> We don't know if the Slon Dwarves had boats before the Closing=2E<

and because of Keith Nellist saying:

> The 'redundant' sailor dwarves would presumably have been sat
>around doing nothing for this time (there is a dwarf in Elder Secrets
>like this)=2E Perhaps they spent their Work Periods polishing the
>submarine, keeping all the parts in good working order=2E<

I am definitely going to have to change my ideas and have the
submarine as a pre-closing vehicle recently brought out of mothballs=2E
Submersible No1 (for such it is called) is, I think, making its maiden
voyage on a mission for the high council of the Iron Mountain dwarves=2E

Keith's ideas of the pre-Thatcherite industrial relations model for
Dwarfish society have appeal, though I think you could go too far;
there shouldn't be too much social disruption=2E

Having said that I don't think the work programme runs completely
like clockwork - the emergent behaviour within the World Machine
(caused by Growth of course) is such that work schedules must be
constantly revised=2E I see Quantity Surveyor and Planning Manager
as important Gold Dwarf functions in any Dwarf group=2E Perhaps
Dilbert should source material for any Dwarf campaign?

Also has anyone commented on the similarities with Paranoia?

Richard Crawley


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