Hyalor Horsebreaker

From: Stephen Royle (s.m.royle@newport.ac.uk)
Date: Mon 10 May 1999 - 18:02:50 EEST

Been looking at Hero cults for my Taraling Clan Pcs, in KoS it states that
the Runegate Clans are closely linked with Hyalor. I'm presuming that as
the Taraling cover the same territory, though slightly smaller, as the
Lonisi, then they are classed as one of the Runegate Clans. In my campaign,
Runegate is actually in Taraling land and is home to the Chief of the clan.

Does anybody know of anymore info on Hyalor, also any other Hero Cults that
may be associated with the Taraling, or Runegate Clans?

All Hail The Black Moon



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