Fall of Whitewall 1619

From: Roderick & Ellen Robertson (rjremr@jps.net)
Date: Mon 10 May 1999 - 23:42:10 EEST

>What I am interested in asking the Lunar and Dragon Pass experts is:
>Whats the battle like?
>(The battle when the Crimson Bat is defeated and the Whitewall defenders
suffer heavy losses.)

What, one line in King of Sartar doesn't suit your needs?

>However I'd love for someone with more experience at large scale battles,
and especially the Bat, to give me an idea of what took place. I can make
up a lot of it from RQA: Fall of Whitewall (set in 1621), however I haven't
a clue how the Bat would be applied - alone or with ground support? ...

The Bat is a one-man (monster) army corps, besides its own inherent magic,
there is a band of priests on its back directing it (between 5 and 50
priests and initiates) The write-up for the bat is in the old Cults of
Terror book.

The bat has the ability to drive defenders mad in a 4Km area, so only the
truely brave or desperate will face it. Your PCs may be caught by the mad
keening of the bat if they are too close to the city walls!

You'll have the cream of the Volsaxi army bottled up by a holding force of
Lunars (The rest continue south to besiege Karse) under Jorkandros Blinder,
a Yuthuppan general. The Lunars probably don't have much in the way of
Magical units in support, they're needed further down south. So there aren't
a lot of ground troops in the besieging army, but they do have THE BAT,
which is all they need, right?

It doesn't work that way. Jorkandros seems to have blown the battle badly
enough to be replaced. Greg has talked of a scenario (this was back before
HW) where the PCs teleport/fly onto the back of the Bat and fight the
priests. This could be what happened (remove the handlers and the bat flies
amok). As observers, your players wouldn't see a lot, though it might be
something like this:

Jorkandros orders the ground troops to bottle up Whitewall by camping in
front of the gates; the plan is to destroy the defenders as they leave the
city when the bat drives them mad. Then he orders the Bat into the city.
Since the Bat is its own Glowspot, he may not have waited until a night of
the full moon. He probably does not even have the city fully encircled,
trusting to the Bat to take care of the problem.

The PCs are on a hill overlooking the city and the Lunar camps. They've been
warned by their Lunar contact not to enter the city, since they are
necessary Lunar operatives in the Orlanthi camp. They can see that the city
is not fully besieged, and they know that there are nowhere near enough
troops to face King Broyan's best troops. If this is to be a traditional
siege, the Lunars have miscalculated badly.

The Bat at first looks like a low hill, but as the PCs watch, the "hill"
slowly flaps its wings, rising into the clear night air. As soon as it takes
off, clouds boil across the sky, and thunder and lightning blast down on the
Bat. It fights against cyclonic winds, battling the elements to reach the
city walls. Fist-sized hail smashes down on its back, forcing the Bat
handlers to protect themselves., At a critical juncture, a group of heroes
teleport onto the back of the Bat. Others ride the winds circling closer and
closer, calling down lightning and hail. The Bat staggers under the attacks,
but comes closer and closer to the city. As the Orlanthi Heroes cut down the
last of the Bat priests, it goes wild! Seeking to escape the Storm, it flies
off (perhaps with a few hapless Bat Initiates clinging for dear life). It
crosses over the viewing PCs, and they can see ragged wounds in the beast's
wings (assuming they can withstand the Chaotic keening of the beast, and it
doesn't gobble them up on its way...). The heros on the back teleport, fly
or fall off. As the Lunar army gets its glowspot stripped off by the Bat's
retreat, the Volsaxi attempt to escape but are thrown back into the city at
no small cost. The siege continues for two years, until the assault in


Depending on how well the PCs can see magic, they could see nothing but the
Bat illuminated by the nearly constant Lightning, or they can see the
numerous Sylphs swirling about; the flare of magical energy as it gets
sucked into the bat. Spirits are swallowed by the bat, and it looks like the
Bat may win through until the heroes appear on its back and start cutting
down the handlers.



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