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Date: Wed 12 May 1999 - 02:00:47 EEST

Roderick and Ellen wrote:

"It doesn't work that way. Jorkandros seems to have blown the battle
enough to be replaced. Greg has talked of a scenario (this was back
HW) where the PCs teleport/fly onto the back of the Bat and fight the
priests. This could be what happened (remove the handlers and the bat
amok). "

And Roland Volz added:

"hich brings up the ever-blossoming series of "how I would kil the Bat"
stories. I'm kind of curious what kind of stories people have posted.
sure (?) the topic has been exhausted, so I'd appreciate it if someone
point me to the general area of the archives that might contain such
gems of
adventuring lore."

Well now. It seems that thread zipped right past me without my noticing
or contributing... so here goes, for everyone's amusement. (Wouldn't
be suprised if these are archieved in some Lankhor Mhy temple somewhere
as "Standard Orlanthi Method of Killing the Bat #1" and "Standard
Orlanthi Method of Killing the Bat #2")

I have run two Orlanthi dominated campaigns over the years, and both had
pretty much the same idea, except instead of killing the priests, they
were out to kill the bat itself! Each party also had Uroxi, a Humakti
to keep things rational, and some really strange Elmal/Yelamlions that
were there to show up the Orlanthi if not embarass them entirely.

The first group (RQII) also had a dark troll, and were heavily into
personal powergaming. Their plan was to pile up lots of shield, heal
body, and other spells to prevent/heal damage, and then teleport on the
bat's back. The Orlanthi, Humakti and Yelmalions would form a perimeter
and kill priests and ticks while the two Uroxi used beserk and seal
wound with some really ugly attack percentages (over 300% each with the
beserk), big weapons, and maybe some Humakti help (imagine Truesworded
greatsword in the hands of a Beserk Uroxi with Seal Wound--and a BASE
attack chance of 160%!)

The second group (RQIII) lacked a troll (I wouldn't allow it that time),
and were more into political powergaming. The Orlanthi in particular
were using all the money they could lay hands on to finance a "mercenary
company" which was just a front for an Orlanthi rebel force. Of course
they took legit jobs to cover themselves, which brought in more money,
most of which had to go for the bribes to the various Lunar officials
responsible for their permits...

Their plan was to work with their force and any cooperative Orlanthi to
form their own magic regiment (in effect). They would get everyone to
sacrifice for a couple of points of Increase Wind or Warp Wind. Once
they lured the bat into range, they would pretty much hit him with 2-3
converging tornados that would overwhelm his own wind-generating
ability, blow all the priests off and hold the bat on the ground. I
don't recall the exact plan for killing him after that. This plan
seemed workable because of a house rule I had held over from RQII: rune
magic was always 100% auto-cast, no minuses for anything. I figured,
heck if you're going to sacrifice permanent POW for it, it shouldn't
fail. Of course they just might have forgotten the range limitation and
exactly how long the Bat's tongues really are...

 "Ok guys, he's coming in, 500 meters, 400...300...200...150..."
"Everybody get ready!"
"SLURRRRRP!!! Ok, your'e dead."

Charles Domino


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