Re: Whitewall 1619

From: IUL Labor (
Date: Tue 11 May 1999 - 10:47:58 EEST

Roderick gives a nice description of the assault on Whitewall 1619

> What, one line in King of Sartar doesn't suit your needs?

Yep, that's about as much as is available, Genertela Book providing the
rest of the information we have.

Only one very slight quibble with Roderick's description:
> As the Lunar army gets its glowspot stripped off by the Bat's
> retreat, the Volsaxi attempt to escape but are thrown back into the city at
> no small cost.

I don't think the Volsaxi have any interest in escaping the city. What
they do is sally forth in a (misjudged?) attempt to rout off the Lunar
besiegers. Sure, they suffer heavy losses since their opponents are more
numerous and better equipped, but their sally weakens the besiegers
enough that no further assault is staged before 1621.

Joerg (from work)


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