RQ Cities for Sale!!!

From: arkat@telstra.easymail.com.au
Date: Tue 18 May 1999 - 08:25:35 EEST



I dropped into the local games shop and they had 2 copies of RQ Cities for sale

So since this was a bone of contention on the Digest I succumbed to impulse and bought them

Now, they are not a thing that I would use, however both are in good condition and I'll tack them on to the end of my auction when I do the next update

In the meantime I'm setting the minimum bid at cost, and if the offers come in, unless there's some major competition for them I will do the Goingx3 thing quickly, as its not a profit making thing
(these are in Aus$ cos thats what I just paid for them)

RQ Cities (Copy 1 Rune version) Aus$20
RQ Cities (Copy 2, all minor RQ references deleted, but 99% identical) Aus$15




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