From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Thu 20 May 1999 - 10:53:55 EEST

Robert McArthur:

>in Prax, the chapparal is
>supposed to be inimicable to pure human existance -
>the tribes *cannot* exist without their animals to
>extract sustenance from the earth. Now, I am wondering
>whether it is a magical thing or a 'real', physical

A bit of both.

>OK, before I get shot down for the last sentence,
>let me posit: if I were an atheist farmer from somewhere
>else in Glorantha (!?),

Arolanit, Old Trade, God Forgot, Sog City and perhaps
Orathorn all have populations of atheistic farmers.

>and I suddenly came to Prax with
>a number of my non-Praxian animals. Would it be
>*impossible* for me to live a long, healthy life based
>on those animals in Prax because of myth and 'magic'?

Your animals would be unable to live on the Chaparral
because they are not adapted to do so. The praxian
beasts were also incapable of doing so at first but
Waha worked mighty magic to change this. One could
in theory duplicate this, but people always find it
easier to live off Praxian beasts instead. A case
in point, the Pure Horse Tribe found it easier to
turn some of their horses into Zebras rather than
duplicate Wahat's Covenant.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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