Real City

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Wed 19 May 1999 - 23:54:02 EEST

Ian Thompson:

>Anyone got a list of what's here, or even any homespun maps?
>Otherwise I'm going to have to do it myself
>I think the only official information is in Big Rubble?

Correct. On the layout:

        "The city currently houses about 500 people, all humans, but
        some buildings are set aside for dwarfs who occasionally
        pop in from their subterranean tunnels to stay there a while
        before moving along."

        "This surviving part of the city is still beautiful, and its
        fame confirms the legends of Pavis's ancient splendor. The
        residents meanly live in these grand habitations, aping the
        greatness of their past. They provide good material, however,
        for the poor grandeur of the ancient cult and supply hardy
        soldiers for local defense."

        "The real city has mostly A, B and C ruins in no particular plan.
        The nomads pulled down several tall buildings during one of their
        periods of dominance, and the main throughfare is still blocked
        by this. No one originally organized a cleaning party and it is
        now considered part of the defenses."

There's a temple to Pavis there with crystalline bricks with a deep
crack in one of the walls. Taras Joran, IIRC, was the guy wot dunnit.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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