Real City

Date: Fri 21 May 1999 - 00:33:27 EEST

On the Real City

<< "This surviving part of the city is still beautiful, and its
         fame confirms the legends of Pavis's ancient splendor. The
         residents meanly live in these grand habitations, aping the
         greatness of their past. >>

Do we have any models for the style of Ancient Pavic Architecture. I am
particularly intrigued as to the appearence of the cyclopean pinkish Temple
(aka King's Villa) for example. I currently imagine them as somewhat Egyptian
in appearance, mostly because a lot of 'ancient ruins' are Egyptian, but also

because of the 'important river' link, the 'hidden/buried secrets' theme of
Egyptology and of the Rubble.

Other evidence points to plenty of towers (pulled down by nomads), tenement
blocks and assorted fortifications after the fall of the city.

Keith N

Keith N


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