From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Mon 24 May 1999 - 10:35:04 EEST

Keith Nellist:

>WIth regards to the Bat, I have never seen a reference to Sheng Seleris
>ever confronting the Bat. I'm not sure Jannisor encountered it, in fact it
>doesn't seem to be present for much of Lunar history. This leads me to
think >that the Bat is not really manifest much of the time. Any comments?

Sheng Seleris did face Yara Aranis who IMO is much worse than the
Bat. So it may be that he defeat the Bat with ease.

As for Jannisor not fighting the Bat, the only thing that I can think
of is that he participated in a civil war within the Lunar Empire. In
such cases, use of the Bat might not be a good thing to use against
enemy cities, or even might have defected to the other side (like the
CharUn did).

- --Peter Metcalfe


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