The Book of Drastic Resolutions, Volume Water

Date: Tue 25 May 1999 - 01:53:01 EEST

To All:

Just a reminder that I am still seeking submissions for Volume Water of
The Book of Drastic Resolutions fanzine. Although any submission with a
water-theme (of any kind -- river, oceans, rain gods, water spirits,
etc.) will be looked at, but I would like to focus on the oceans and
islands in particular.

Also, note that I already have plenty of creature statistics, a fair
number of Plunder items, and will probably not have room for extensive
scenarios (anything involving more than two pages and/or requiring
statistics). Also, ship statistics are readily available, and hold little
interest for me (except for the ones I will be providing for the Dragon
Pass rules set).

Check out the Drastic Web Page for other ideas. There is no need to email
me to let me know about an idea, though I will be more than happy to
discuss any ideas with you in advance.

Deadline for receipt of First Drafts is June 30th, with final drafts due
by October 31st. Keep in mind that submissions are NOT limited to
RuneQuest -- I will look at Gloranthan articles in any game system,
including (but not limited to) Pendragon Pass, Argrath!, Moon Wars, the
Dragon Pass-series boardgames, and even Hero Wars.

Also, if anyone can assist me in reaching Simon Lipscomb, please let me
know or ask him to contact me.


Stephen Martin
The Book of Drastic Resolutions
P.O. Box 272914
Concord, CA 94527-2914

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