Re: Nature and Frontiers of Glorantha

From: Simon Hibbs (
Date: Tue 25 May 1999 - 12:01:54 EEST

Julian Lord :

>Come to think of it, I seem to remember that if you do
>the long LBQ, you can start a further HQ from Hell
>and retrieve anything or anyone you want,
>no matter how it was destroyed.
>It's the only known cure for entropy, IIRC.

You gain the right to give you one soul. When Argrath did
this he asked for Sheng Seleris, but because Sheng was
not within the domain of the gods (he wa sin a Lunar
mystical domain beyond the bounds of the theist godplane)
they could not fulfil their obligation. Argrath then had
to go on a quest further to get Sheng.

This was in the case of a soul that did actualy provably
exist in Glorantha. I fidn it hard to believe that trying
recover someone utterly annihilated would be even this
successful. In fact, making such a request would probably
let the gods off the hook. Some get-out clause in the fine
print of the compromise, I suspect.

Simon Hibbs


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