Bats bats bats...

From: David Cake (
Date: Wed 26 May 1999 - 08:49:43 EEST

>A Great Darkness Horror that's _not_ chaotic? Nah.

        But is it a Great Darkness horror, or a Pre-Great Darkness horror
that just ran amuck during the Great Darkness? (compare, say, Monster man).

I thought it was the death god of the Rinliddi Pre-Great Darkness as well.
If so, probably not chaotic originally, if not, probably chaotic. And
things it swallowed back then (ie Rinliddi) were not utterly destroyed
(like death, rather than oblivion).

>Perhaps the bat winged goddess of death of the trolls is also the not-black
>bat. 'Not-black' may be refer to some kind of power of invisibility.

        Possibly - nice insight to explain that silly name. I think they
are now regarded as being different, though (Mahaquata vs Annilha vs some
other silly name I can't remember right now?).

>What happened to the skin?

        I would guess that it is in Shargashs Enclosure.




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