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Date: Wed 26 May 1999 - 06:20:22 EEST


I'm the RPG coordinator for ShoreCon '99, which will be held on
September 9-12 1999 at the Hilton in Cherry Hill, NJ. In that capacity,
I'm making a final plea for GMs to run Glorantha specific events at the
convention. I hope to be running some Hero Wars demos myself, but I'd
love to see others running events on Glorantha (using whatever system
they feel most comfortable with) as well. The best way to get people
interested in the game world is for them to take part in the stories
that unfold there, and a convention is one of the easiest and most
visible ways of accomplishing that!

The deadline for event submissions is June 1st, and by visiting our
website at <> you can find complete
information on hotel accomodations, online GM registration (now
guaranteed to work!), and even get on the mailing list to have our
pre-registration book sent directly to you. If you are interested in
GMing an event, the time to sign up is now!

This year ShoreCon will will be having several special guests, including
Peter Adkison (President and CEO of WotC/TSR), Steve Jackson (President
of Steve Jackson Games) and Jolly Blackburn (creator of Knights of the
Dinner Table)!

We'll also be boasting Target Games' 1st Annual Games Expo, several
LARPs (Vampire, Star Wars, and Toon!), as well as a large selection of
RPGs, CCGs, Miniature events and Network Gaming!

Thanx for your time...

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