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Folker Naumann asked about Ducks

> The questions i have are: Where and how do they live?

The ducks of Genertela seem to originate from the wet parts of the River
Valley in Dragon Pass. The center of duck population is in Duck Valley,
a shallow depression around the Stream River's joining with the Dragon
River (aka Creekstream River below this point.).

(there is a similar race of creatures called Keets in the East Isles.)

They may or may not have been created during the EWF era, but they come
into recorded history only early in the Third Age, when they defy
settlers from the Quivin Mountains who try to settle close to the Upland
Marsh. After some wars (during which they were aided by other beastfolk
from Beast Valley) they dictated a peace with the Colymar and Lismelder
settlers. Some ducks may have settled elsewhere.

There seem to have been no ducks south of Dragon Pass at that time, but
by 1613 ST some duck groups seem to have spread to Kethaela and to the
River of Cradles.

In 1613 the ducks took an active role in the Starbrow Rebellion, and
after the rebels' treaty with Fazzur Wideread the ducks were outlawed,
and to bring a beak to the taxmen would grant the slayer a year of tax
exemption. Under this pressure a lot of them fled south into the Holy
Country, or east into the Cradle Valley. Others hid in the Upland Marsh,
and possibly elsewhere it was wet in Sartar.

The ducks seem to make a living as a mixture of gatherers (also hunting
small water beasts, like frogs, tadpoles, and possibly doing some
fishing) and wet farmers (possibly edible varieties of reeds, and some
grain - Orlanthi-style - on dryer patches of land).

> Whom do they worship?(Do they have their own pantheon?)

The ducks of Dragon Pass have adopted the Orlanthi pantheon to a great
extent, and try to fill the roles dictated in the Heortling way, often
with tragicomical effects. Various (unofficial) cult write-ups for duck
variations of Orlanthi cults exist, mostly in RuneQuest Adventures #1
and 2 (which have a couple of duck scenarios, too).

> Whom do they serve or do they stand alone?

The ducks joined the Kingdom of Sartar around 1490 and swore to serve
the House of Sartar (believed to serve in exchange for a magical feat
promised to them). The ducks of Duck Valley are allies of the Lismelder
Tribe since their conflict had been settled.

I'm sure the real duck afficionados will tell you more about the ducks.


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