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Bryan Maloney wrote

> Ah, the wonderful, magnificent Durulz (aka Druluz, aka Druulz--it's been
> spelled all three ways over the years. These are a proud, sensitive
> people (who bear their young live--they don't lay eggs).

In your game, perhaps.

Just a few days ago, Greg once again said that ducks lay eggs. As for the
spelling, I've only seen durulz. Maybe the others were typoes.

Robert McArthur

> From what I have read (little though it is) about heroquesting,
> (one of) the most important things is to know what to do when.
> I'm assuming a quest which re-enacts BTW!

Well yes, if you're reenacting a myth, then it helps quite a lot to know
what the myth is!

The problem is essentially that you aren't reenacting the text of a myth,
you're reenacting the myth itself. As Greg pointed out at Tentacles, part
of the Lightbringer's Quest is crossing the western ocean. Harmast did this
on the back of the turtle, so that's the most well known version. But it's
also possible to hitch a ride on a seagull, or to use your storm powers to
blow a dry path. The point is, it's crossing the ocean that's important. If
you show up expecting a turtle, you could be in trouble.

And there are likely to be many minor details that aren't in recorded myths
(we incorporated this in King of Dragon Pass) -- you may know the myth, but
will still have to deal with unexpected situations.

Arkat of course had the advantage of perspective -- he may have seen the
unexpected situation from the other side.

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