Heroquesting Knowledge

From: Peter Metcalfe (metcalph@bigfoot.com)
Date: Fri 28 May 1999 - 03:06:57 EEST

Robert McArthur:

>From what I have read (little though it is) about heroquesting,
>(one of) the most important things is to know what to do when.
>I'm assuming a quest which re-enacts BTW! So, given that there
>are a small number of 'stations' - typically 5-7 - is there any
>reason why the information needed couldn't be distilled into
>a couple of sentences.

>e.g. when you meet the troll, kill him. When you try and cross
>the bridge, fall in and give the catfish your earth gift, ...

To a certain extent this is so. Take for example the Westfaring
portion of the LBQ quest. Mastakos lists the steps and what must
be done at each point.

The problem is that when Orlanth re-enacted it, the relevant
landmarks had changed (the Luatha had occupied the Black Isle
of Introspection, etc).

>I'm wondering whether Arkat was so successful, as were the
>God Learners, because they a) could distill it down and
>b) *did* do so?

I don't think they distilled the quest in the manner you
describe. What they did was recognize the changes were
actually different manifestations of the same hidden truth
and develop some secret way of catergorizing these truths.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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