Re: Bat

From: IUL Labor (
Date: Thu 27 May 1999 - 17:32:18 EEST

Keith replying to David Cake:

> <<The Red Goddess is responsible for its current form, as she created its
> skin, including its blood spurting eyes.>>

> I wonder where she got these eyes and skin from? Has the Sky Bear got all its
> skin? I cannot think of any other hairy beasts that might be mythologically
> appropriate but feel that there should be a source of a new skin the size of
> the Bat's.

The Red Goddess slays a huge demon right before riding away on the Bat
(after riding the Sky Bear). I'd say this might be an appropriate

> The best spell for getting the RQ3 bat (rules construct-wise) is to get a
> Turn Blow spell and then throw yourself in into the Bat' s mouth with it's
> 2500pt Acid (presume Acid works via Turn Blow) .

Provided you don't get attacked by the Scream, the tongue, or whatever.
Plus I suppose the Bat uses a bath in the Dokat Gorp for skin hygiene...

> Thanks for the feedback. Will there be a White Bat when Peace is finally
> achieved?

Now there's a prospect...


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