Mostali subs

From: Chris and Cora Lemens (
Date: Sun 30 May 1999 - 20:47:54 EEST

This post is a bit late, so my apologies if someone else has already
said this.
Didn't the Closing just affect the _surface_? The triolini certainly
had no problems with the Closing. Perhaps there was a great deal of
Dwarfish submarining going on. Of course, surfacing in the open ocean
would have been a problem, so perhaps only short routes could be used
(e.g. amongst the Jrusteli archipelago).

Also, there's an awful song in all of this, definitely sung by dwarves:
"We all live in a Dwarfish submarine, Dwarfish submarine, Dwarfish
submarine." Especially if they were stranded in it since the Closing.

Chris Lemens


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