The Man Rune

From: Michael Cule (
Date: Sun 30 May 1999 - 16:19:06 EEST

Peter Metcalfe opined:
> Ducks are tied to the Avian Rune rather than the Man-rune.
> Dwarves, Elves and Trolls are all Man-Rune creatures. Beastmen
> are not for the simple fact that they do not have complete
> humanoid form.

For what it's worth (possibly not a lot) in *MY* Glorantha a creature can have
two form runes. The Ducks (and the Keets) have both the Man and Beast/Bird
Rune and the Elves have both the Man and Plant Runes.

This is occasionally important since IMG the effect of healing spells is halved
if you're trying to heal a being that you don't share a form rune with.

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