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Well here we go again - hopefully this time I've got it right.

You'll find below a copy of my work in progress on the Sartar
issue....and thanks again to all those sources who let me use their info

Tribes of Sartar - A Work in Progress:

There are roughly around 24 tribes situated around Sartar and southern
Tarsh. Each of these tribes is in turn sub-divided into various clans.
Within each tribe there are a number of clans that no longer exist,
either due to them being 'absorbed' into other clans or annihilated
through some tribal or other conflict. Where it has been possible I
will make notes as to the Tribe/Clan relationships (still to do !).
This tribal attitude is one of the reasons for the way the Lunar's were
able to conquer Sartar. One of the Lunar's strategies was to use the
clan attitudes against each other as well as giving to the clans the
option that they either pay taxes or supply men to fight as irregulars
in the Lunar force. This listing is taken as at the start of my latest
campaign in 1610 ( through to 1613 ) ST.

Tribal source information comes from the 'King of Sartar' novel, David
Dunham's ideas from Glorantha Digest, Ian Gorlicks Cinsina tribe,
Questlines, Guy Jobbins (Kheldon Clan Info), Martin Laurie & Ingo
Tschinke (Culbrea tribe stuff), John Hughes (Tovtaros), Thomas 'Wolfman'
Gottschall and other Internet/Fanzine sources. I have compiled all of
these together to try and form one 'huge' list of clans.
Old Sartar: Clans:

Aranwyth Anlafi, Brown Horse, Eagle, Greenwing, Grey Fox,
Hormondi, Kortal**, Mule (Old) Owl, Otarring & Toena (aka
Rindeberg), Turtle, Ulandring,
                Wildcat & Wolf


Balmyr Shea, Tongarlting & Thrussa

Cinsina Blueberry**, Bormelder, Decamoli, Drutorae, Emanari,
                Gorde**,Gwynari, Halfari, Lachlani, Osmann & Tertorae

Colymar Anmangarn, Antorling, Arnoring, Bayberry Enhyl, Enjoss,
Ernaldori, Hiording, Konthasos, Narri, Orlmarth, Rakstanti, Seven
Brothers, Taraling & Varmandi

Culbrea Barlarmani, Culbri, Elk, Goodhaven, Gwandor,
Mathiording, Stirlgon,
                 Varnding & Ystrad


Dundealos Blue Jay & Metcafi (aka Hawk)

Kheldon Black Oak, Black Rock, Blue Spruce, Heran, Jerending,
                Roaring Bull, Squat Oak & White Quartz.


Lismelder Bostrop, Godweaver, Goodsword, Greydog, Hillhaven,
                Marshedge & Poss

Locaem Zethnoring*

Malani Arsgol, Badger, Bluefox, Isorting, Lysang*, Namoldin*,
Orleving &


Sambari Grey Fox & Orlundi

Telmori (Packs) Bloodclaw, Bloodfur, Bloodsoul, Bloodtooth, Dark Paw,
                 Evenfer,Eversag, Ferwalker, Lovehrug, Rihhr, Sevenpaw,
                Stareye, Starwolves & White Paw

Torkani Asmandi, Burkarth, Erlendings, Godori, Golvings, Ostoki,
Siganti &

Northern Sartar:



Dinacoli Boarhead, Brown Boar, Donalf, Emerald Sword, Fox
& Rain Blossom


Tovtaros Envos, Erenia, Halkons, Honeyberry, Ironspike, Jaskols,
                Lorianstone,Snake, Squall, Snakepipe Dancers, Tall
Mountain &

Tovtaros *** Cordali, Danlarni, Orlarni, Priderni & Tresdarni (aka


Vantaros Engoli, Red Maiden & Sun Deer


* These Clans were formerly part of the Colymar. But in 1613, after the
failed Starbrow rebellion, the Lunar authorities decreed that these
clans should be separated from the Colymar and added to the Locaem &
Malani Trbes.

** These Clans were formerly part of the Culbrea Tribe. But in 1613,
after the failed Starbrow rebellion, the Lunar authorities decreed that
these clans should be separated from the Culbrea and added to the
Aranwyth & Cinsina Trbes.

*** This is the Tovtaros tribal structure as per John Hughes. The other
option is to amalgamate both lists but incorporate some of the clans as
one - possibly the first list includes some totem names of clans ?....

I have assumed, for now, that the Ducks are unlike the other Sartarite
Tribes and are not split into Clans etc. As for the PolJoni, and the

ongoing argument as to whether or not they should be classified as a
Tribe of Sartar, I have for now excluded any details on Clans but
included them a one of the 'tribes'.

Other possible Clan names to be used (but not yet allocated): Brigante,
Circinda, Dalraida, Fidarchi, Leaping Stag, Moon Hunters.

The majority of the Sartarite Clans are formed around City Federations
(called 'City Ring's'):

Wilmskirk Ring:

Kultain Tribe South of City

Locaem Tribe West of City & to the Brders with Sun Dome

Balmyr Tribe Between Wilmskirk and Boldhome

Sambari Tribe East of Wilmskirk

Swenstown Ring:

Kheldon Tribe West & North West of Swenstown

Aranwyth Tribe North of the Kheldon & Swenstown, borders on the
Pol Joni
                         & Telmori
Balkoth Tribe South of Swenstown

Dundealos Tribe South of the Balkoth, East side of the Mountains

Pol Joni Tribe Praxian Borders

Jonstown Ring:

Cinsina Tribe North of Jonstown

Culbrea Tribe East of Jonstown, North East of Boldhome

Malani Tribe Between Apple Lane & The Creek, West of Jonstown

Torkani Tribe North of Telmori, Eastern edge of Northern
Sartar borders
                         Dagori Inkarth

Alone Ring:

Amd Tribe North of Alone

Bachad Tribe South of Alone

Tres Tribe North West of Alone

AldaChur Ring:

Vantaros Tribe South East of Aldachur

Princeros Tribe North West of Aldachur

Tovtaros Most Northern tribe

Dinacoli South of Herongreen, North of the

Tribes not affiliated to any City Ring are:

Lismelder South & West of the Colymar on the borders of
the Upland

Colymar Lands between the Creek and the Stream, North of

Ducks From the Upland Marsh along the Stream

Telmori North of Jarolar Keep, South of the Torkani

Tribal Populations:

                                1610 1621

Wilmskirk Ring:

Kultain 9,500 1617
tribe split
up by Lunars

Locaem 7,000 8,500

Balmyr 7,000 9,500

Sambari 8,500 8,000

Swenstown Ring:

Kheldon 7,000 4,000

Aranwyth 6,000 7,500
Balkoth 5,000 5,500

Dundealos 10,000 Rebelled in 1618
- - tribe
&new tribe
                                                        called Enstalos
                                                         from survivors
                                                        Lunar Settlers

Jonstown Ring:

Cinsina 5,000 7,500

Culbrea 11,000 6,000 *
3 clans
                                                         lost after 1613
                                                        and another lost
to Cinsina after a
short war
                                                         in 1615.

Malani 10,000 11,000

Torkani 9,500 8,000

Aldachur Ring:

Vanataros 8,500 9,500
Princeros 9,500 10,000

Tovtaros 3,500 4,000

Dinacoli 9,000
9,000* Part of
                                                         but then joined
the Aldachuri after
                                                        rebellion of

Alone Ring:

Amad 2,500 2,000

Bachad 6,000 4,500

Tres 4,000 3,000


Colymar 18,000 15,500

Lismelder 5,000 5,000

Telmori 10,000 8,500

Ducks 8,500 7,000

Wulfsland 500 3,000*
                                                        granted to Jomas
                                                        after his
victory against
                                                        the Telmori in
1607. Previously land
                                                         by the Manoder.

This population analysis excludes the actual populace of any of the
major cities within the borders of Sartar. See below for this info:

City Populations:

Aldachur 3,000 3,500

Alone 1,000 500

Boldhome 10,500 11,000

Duckpoint 500 100

Jonstwon 1,500 2,000

Swenstown 1,000 1,000

Wilmskirk 1,000 1,500


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