Re: Humakti and Land

From: Alex Ferguson (
Date: Mon 02 Aug 1999 - 20:27:31 EEST

David Dunham:
> Prestige. The Humakti would get some cottars or carls to work his
> lands, and would thus have clients who would support him.
> Of course, as you point out, the Humakti is probably a weaponthane in
> service of a chief or king, and thus this is a sneaky way of the
> chief of king raising his own prestige.

Since the chief is the person with the (nominal, at least) right to
(re)allocate the land(-use rights), allocating it to one of his
own huscarls and then having some yet-other bunch of people actually
work it is almost a null-op.

Sounds to me like if your chief is doing this, this is either a
rather un-sneaky means of 'persuading' the clan to not complain too
much about the land allocations... Or of 'persuading' the cottars
(etc) to work a bit faster. ("My name's Ron and..." "My name is
Ron. And we are..." "The management.")



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