HW: Onslaughts and Orifices.

From: Alex Ferguson (abf@yeats.ucc.ie)
Date: Mon 02 Aug 1999 - 22:00:02 EEST

Roderick preaches to the choir (admittedly a choir known for its lapses
into heresy, apostacy, and other deviance, but no matter...):
> Runequest focused
> on building up Stickpickers, and broke down when they started Moving =
> Shaking - The character Onslought was viewed rather askance when he =
> presented to the list (What was his Bite skill? 120%?)

Well yes, but I don't think the reaction was so much "120%?! =A3$^&&!!??=
as "_Bite_ skill???!!! ^&*(!?)??"...

Take care,


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