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From: Eric Rowe (
Date: Tue 03 Aug 1999 - 20:32:07 EEST


Thanks to Heroic efforts on the part of the Reaching Moon (all Hail!)
and Moon Design Publications the Wizard's Attic will have available
at GenCon (though not right away) the new Pavis & Big Rubble Book, as
well as Tarsh War and the incredibly useful Meints index 2. Of course,
these will be available for standard mail-order after the show.


If you have had Tarsh War or the Meints Index 2 on back order, we'll
be going though them to fill the backorders after GenCon, but it
won't hurt to call and confirm your orders.

Unfortunately, I don't know the US$ price for sure yet on the new
book. I'll post it when I return.


Eric Rowe
Wizard's Attic


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