Re: Land and Prestige?

From: Alex Ferguson (
Date: Wed 04 Aug 1999 - 01:33:48 EEST

David Dunham:
> I've forgotten the specifics of the original question, but Orlanthi
> are not feudal.

I think that what triggered of the 'feudal' comment was your own reference
to weaponthanes having 'clients', and having the land worked on their
behalf by others, and such like. While this isn't formally feudal, one
can see burgeoning parallels, if one takes this very far. For clans
that keep thralls, there's a great deal of logic to the comparison.
For non-thrall clans, I'm not sure if I really see it. Being a client
_in a cattle-loan_ seems an entirely separate matter from land assignment,
so I don't immediately see how that part would work.

Rather than having cottars working land assigned to someone else, I
suspect a more usual arrangement is that the freemen working the
land would hold the 'rights' to the land, but the weaponthane (or
whomever) would have 'rights' to some of the _fruits_ of working
the land. (One might object that this was a largely technical
distinction, and one might be right.)



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